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Wednesday through Sunday, dinner 20:00 to 0:00

Saturday and Sunday, lunch from 13:30 to 16:30

To start

Smoked labneh
zaatar, eggplant dust , lebanese bread (vgt)

8 € (vgt)

zaatar, peppers dust , lebanese bread (vgn) (cn)

8 € (vgn) (cn)


Falafel done our way

2.5 € unit (gf) (vgn)

Pulled lamb kebbeh

4.5 € unit (cn)

Maitake mushroom
cashew nuts cream, tabuleh gel

5.5 € (gf)(cn)


Red prawn from Palamós baklava



Wild boar brioche, Royal sauce



Albé's Garden (KM0)

Lacquered aubergine, pomegranate reduction

11 € (gf) (vgt)

Charred cauliflower with browned and smoked butter

12.50 € (gf)(vgt)(cn)


Mackerel cured in Lebanese spices,

avocado laban, codium

14.50 € (gf)

Hamachi tiradito, lebanese leche de tigre

18 € (gf)

Suquet stew of red prawns from palamos, freekeh and croacker fish

17.5 €

Sweet peas from the Maresme, cuttlefish and pork jowl


Iberian cheek over french toast, demi-glace,

smoked sour cream and pickled turnip

16 € (gf)

Pulled lamb freekeh, seasonal mushrooms

17 € 

The unmissable

Acorn-fed Duck magret, freekeh, bimi

and bigarade sauce

19.50 €


Acorn-fed Iberian "pluma", white bean butter,

maitake & demi-glace



Chocolate cake, cardamom and

orange blossom caramel

8€ (cn)

Rose water and cardamom Mouhalabie,

honey veil, pistachio and puff pastry

7.5 € (cn)

Lebanese Espresso Martini

11 €

(vgt) vegetarian

(vgn) vegan

(gf)  gluten free

(cn) contain nuts


Consuming raw or undercooked products

may increase your risk of food-borne illness.

Menu Albé

55 euros/person

wine pairing 27 euros

Menu Experiencia

65 euros/person

wine pairing 33 euros

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